Expert Witness


We have many years experience in dealing with Banks in Ireland. What might appear as an impossible banking difficulty affecting your business, may subsequently prove to be an everyday occurrence to us.

Problems with Banks are wide ranging, and we are experienced negotiators who can assess the practical aspects of any banking problem and provide invaluable guidance and support to obtain an even­-handed solution.

Guidance & Advice

We provide guidance on the merits of claims of bad advice and on the lending controls exercised by Banks

We investigate banking fees and charges incurred by business & corporate clients, and compare these with reasonable banking practice.

Our services may include:

  • Analysis of facts to determine integrity of claims and potential liability
  • Testifying and consulting
  • Preparation of supporting reports
  • Assistance in the evaluation of Litigation Issues and of Expert Qualifications and Testimony

Bank’s Duty of Care

We report on the procedures involved and a Banker’s duty of care in many situations including:

  • when there is joint and several liability for borrowing
  • when withdrawing or amending ‘on demand’ facilities
  • when realising security to repay a debt
  • when analysing information supplied in support of a borrowing application
  • when collecting and paying high value cheques and drafts or where there are alleged fraudulent banking transactions