Banking Consultancy

Business people generally accept that while they tend to scrutinize many business costs, one area they frequently overlook is the costs and interrelated structures of their Banking facilities. Many are often too preoccupied running their core businesses to take time out to analyse complex charging structures that even many banking employees and banks cannot unravel.

Others however do not look upon banking as an input cost but rather accept it as a given overhead, which is barely visible, but in many cases subsequently found to be excessive.

The Problem

In Ireland, we live in a time where banking culture is less prone to accountability and more amenable to very lucrative arrangements… for the Bank

The Solution

The Bottom Line helps to put clients in control of banking related facilities & their constituent costs. Throughout the course of our project engagements, we’ve been successful at:
(A) Identifying underutilized negotiation capacity in Clients’ banking related charges negotiations
(B) Advising Clients that are found to be subjected to unjustifiably penal interest, or uncompetitive Account Management Fee Charging regimes

As Banking Experts, we focus on:

  • Interest Charges on loans and mortgages, quantification of unjustified surcharges
  • Assessment of internal Bank Documentation
  • Risk Status of clients vis­à­vis financial profile and collateral, and how these relate to lending rate structures
  • Development of Strategies to Optimise Account Groupings, Offsets, Credit Card Merchant Tariff rates and Management Fee Structures, interalia

Business Sectors that have engaged with us:

Many businesses have derived major benefits from our expertise including:

  • Motor Dealers
  • Law Firms & Barristers
  • Wholesale Distributors & Importers
  • Retail Outlet chains ­ Hotel chains
  • Property portfolio operators
  • Import/ Export Companies