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The Bottom Line is a specialist Forensic Accountancy & Bank Consultancy practice operating in Ireland. Founded in 1994 by Ronan Coburn, we use a highly focused approach in assisting Irish Businesses to successfully negotiate optimal banking facility terms. Recognised as one the leading authorities on Irish Banking practice, The Bottom Line has been at the centre of many of the biggest Banking stories in recent Irish banking history. We bring transparency to this sector which is commonly littered with jargon and outdated practices. In view of certain revelations very recently, inter alia commercial clients of Ulster Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland & Barclays Bank should consider examining the following:

  • The computation of Interest Charges where credit facilities are priced on a mark­up on top of the London Inter­bank Offer Rate (LIBOR)
  • Value days used in the application of Overdraft & Offset Interest Charges where Bank systems have collapsed and large scaletransactions are being retrospectively ‘reconstructed’ by the offending Banks
  • The Mis­selling of Investment Products &/or Loan Derivative Products whereby Borrowers’ repayment capacity has been severely restricted


Our professional fees in some cases can be partially linked to a results-based outcome.

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