The Bottom Line is recognized as one of the leading banking experts in assessing, validating or disputing commercial banking practice in Ireland as it relates to individual businesses. Using proven forensic accounting methods coupled with unique and in-depth expertise in the area, we help businesses to holistically assess their banking relationships.

In recent years, The Bottom Line banking consultants and others have been at the heart of uncovering some of the biggest stories in Irish Banking history. Excessive interest charges, inconsistent application of governance issues and exploitation of vulnerable businesses are now commonplace. It is readily accepted that those who regulate the Banking industry do not always have the depth of skills necessary to adequately police some of the more questionable & quite outrageous practices that have permeated the Irish Banking industry in the 22-year period to 2022.

What we do

Our work has involved us in identifying and exposing reckless lending activities, in addition to major breaches of standard in-house banking procedures – inter alia. Additionally, we scrutinise bank file documentation with a view to rebalancing banking relationships, in order to develop & generate customised negotiation strategies for substantial borrowers who seek to arrive at even-handed settlements with their lenders.